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(Updated June 1, 2020)


We look forward to having another great summer in 2020 at Sleeping Bear Resort. Your vacation will certainly be different than before and it will definitely be memorable! Our commitment is to offer you a safe, clean and peaceful environment where you can get away, relax and unwind. 

We are ready and in compliance with the American Hotel & Lodging Association and in accordance with CDC guidelines in regards to best practices for the hotel industry. Your cabin will be cleaner and safer than ever before. These health and safety guidelines represent best practices for the hotel industry.

Updated Cleaning and Housekeeping Protocol

We’ve added several housekeeping tasks this year due to the Coronavirus outbreak. The following is a list of some of the housekeeping procedures that will be followed to ensure your cabin is properly disinfected prior to your arrival:

  • All surfaces in bathrooms will be sanitized with an approved cleaner
  • Light switches, lamp switches and window pulls will all be disinfected
  • Kitchen cabinet pulls, stove and microwave touch points will all be disinfected
  • TV remote controls, door knobs and entry key pads will all be disinfected
  • Cloth furniture will be sprayed with a disinfecting spray
  • Dishes will have been washed by the previous guest so you may want to wash your own dishes prior to use
Bed linens, blankets and pillows are all provided upon request at no charge. Our bed linens, blankets and bath towels are all laundered and sanitized by an outside service between each guest. Beginning in the spring of 2020 we will no longer be providing comforters on the beds due to the Coronovirus outbreak. Daily housekeeping is not provided.

FAQs for Summer 2020

Will social distancing be enforced?

Upon arrival at Sleeping Bear Resort it will seem like a normal vacation but we’re respectfully asking all our guests to police themselves and their families in regards to social distancing with other guests. We’ve added portable fire pits for each of our cabins so guests don’t have to crowd around the shared fire pit. 

Will all the watercraft be available? 

The kayaks, fishing boats and standup paddle boards will all be available. We recommend bringing disinfecting wipes with you to wipe down the oars before use. We plan on putting the water trampoline in the water this year. It’s use will be left for guest discretion.

Will the beach be available?

The beach will be open and the chairs will be placed with adequate space between. Bring disinfecting wipes with you if you plan on using the beach furniture.

Will the restaurants be open?

Restaurants and bars are open as of May 22nd up to 50% occupancy.

Will Sleeping Bear Dunes be open?

Here’s a link for all the things to do at Sleeping Bear Dunes as well as current closures and restrictions.

Post Covid-19 Guidance upon arrival at Sleeping Bear Resort

Upon arrival at Sleeping Bear Resort it will seem like a normal vacation but we are asking everyone to respect all the other guests in regards to social distancing. We recommend packing a cooler and bringing all your food with in order to limit trips to the local grocery stores. We also understand that it’s almost impossible to bring everything so we’ve created a Lake Ann Guide to help guide you as to the best/safest way to order meals and buy miscellaneous items that didn’t get packed.

Future Availability

Find our 2020 Availability here.

We’ve listed our 2021 Availability on our Family Reunion Page. Scroll down near the bottom of the page.

Keep checking back as we’re trying to keep this page updated as new developments occur.

Stay safe and healthy and we hope to see you this Summer!

Don’t hesitate to call or email if you have more questions.


Randy & Doreen