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X-Country Ski & Snowshoe Trails

Lost Lake Pathway

Lost Lake Pathway

Lost Lake is a popular hiking, biking, and cross country ski trail connected to the Lake Dubonnet State Forest Campground. There are three loops with a total of 6.4 miles of trail. Click for more information.

Sleeping Bear Heritage Trail

The Sleeping Bear Heritage Trail is a hard-surfaced, non-motorized, multi-use trail planned to span 27 miles. Currently the trail runs almost 22 miles between Empire and Bohemia Road, connecting to park attractions and the town of Glen Arbor along the way. Click for more information.

Lake Ann Pathway

The Lake Ann Pathway is divided into two main loops. To the east of Reynolds Rd, the 1.8 miles of trail gently loops around the state forest campground and along the shore of Lake Ann. The larger 3.6 mile loop to the west of Reynolds Rd is much more strenuous and hilly. Click for more information.

Platte Plains Trail

The Platte Plains trail system has about 15 miles of trails through the maple-beech and pine forest that gives x-country skiers access to Otter Creek, Otter Lake, and Bass Lake. There area also several access points to Lake Michigan. Part of the trail follows a 2-track road from Esch Road and Otter Creek. Click here for more information.

Good Harbor Bay Trail

The Good Harbor Bay Trail is almost entirely flat with just a few small grades. Near the beginning of the trail, there is a short section of low coastal dunes, where there is access to the beach. Then the trail turns away from Lake Michigan and becomes wooded for the remainder of its length. Click here for more information.

Treat Farm Trail

This 2 mile trail starts at the corner of Norconk Rd. and goes into the woods for about a 1/2 mile until you reach the Treat Farm Homestead.  It’s a slight uphill trek and it’s best with snowshoes but doable with x-country skis.  Once you reach the farm homestead you can cross through the open field about another 1/2 mile towards a bluff overlooking Lake Michigan. Click here for more information.

Windy Moraine Trail

The Windy Moraine Trail is and advanced 1.5 mile X-Country ski loop. The trailhead is located across from the Pierce Stocking Scenic Drive on Welch Road.  From the Windy Moraine Overlook, you can see Glen Lake, Lake Michigan, and the Sleeping Bear Dunes. Click here for more information.

Shauger Hill Trail

This 2.4 mile trail crosses Shauger Hill Road twice and the Pierce Stocking Scenic Drive twice. This trail is part of the Scenic Drive Ski Trail. This is a Designated X-Country Ski Trail between December 1 and March 31. Click here for more information.

Old Indian Trail

Old Indian Trail has two loops of about 2.5 miles in length. It is a popular cross country ski and snowshoe trail. Most of the trail runs through maple-beech forest. Lake Michigan is a short distance from the junction of the two loops. Click here for more information.