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Ransom Lake Natural Area

The Ransom Lake Natural Area is part of the Grand Traverse Regional Land Conservancy. The GTRLC protects lands, parks and Natural Areas throughout the Grand Traverse region. There are some 36 hiking/snowshoeing trails and Preserves that are part of the Conservancy.

Ransom Lake Trail

The Ransom Lake Trail is located just south of the Village of Lake Ann. The wooded trail is about a 2 mile loop around Ransom Lake. We parked at the Nofsger Road access site and it took us 50 minutes round trip. This is not a very well-known trail and is not crowded. It’s used mostly by locals. We hiked the trail on June 11 after a big rain and it was a little soggy and muddy in spots. There were a few mosquitoes but it was a beautiful hike.

This is a popular lake for local beavers. In the fall of 2019, the beavers made a dam where Ransom Lake flows into Ransom Creek on the west side of the lake. You can see the remains of the beaver dam pushed off to the side of the lake near the bridge. The lake level rose a good 2 to 3 feet due to the beaver dam and flooded parts of the trail making it impossible to hike the entire loop. The trail is now open all the way around the lake but it’s a little muddy in spots.


There are two trailhead areas in which you can park. This map is for the trailhead located off Lake Ann Road. Head south on Lake Ann Road about 1 mile south of the Village of Lake Ann.  Look for the blue Ransom Lake sign.

The 2nd trailhead is located ½ mile south of Lake Ann off  Nofsger Road. Turn left on Nofsger Road and follow the blue Ransom Lake signs.