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Platte Plains Hiking & X-Country Ski Trail

The Platte Plains Hiking & X-Country Ski Trail system located in the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore has 15 total miles of trail.

The main trail head is located on Trails End Road located 6 miles south of Empire off M22. 

During winter, Trails End Road isn’t plowed so if you’re X-Country skiing, you’ll have to enter at one of two locations. There’s parking at the end of Esch Rd. where it meets Lake Michigan. From there you can ski or hike the 4.6 mile Otter Creek Loop. The other winter option is to park in a parking area along M22 just south of Trails End Rd. From there you’ll ski or hike 1.1 miles to the main trailhead where you’ll have your choice of loops. The shortest loop from the M22 parking area is the 7.1 mile Bass Lake Loop.

This area of Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore tends to be less busy than some of the other Sleeping Bear Dunes trails. 

There’s two lakes within a short walk where you can kayak, fish or swim. It’s a very serene setting.

There’s also one picnic table and a dock area with bench seats to sit and relax.

For information about the Platte Plains Trail and Sleeping Bear Dunes click here.


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